Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is God Merciful?

"Mundus facit nos redire, redire ad secessum". "The world makes me return, return to solitude".

The opening lines of a song by Draconian, my favourite band. The song is aptly titled "Reversio Ad Secessum". I've just got my cellphone back from the Nokia factory in Delhi. After some repairs. For the past week I was alone. Without the constant companionship of my beloved Nokia 5310. My cherished Draconian. And that week made me revisit some thoughts.

Exactly what is the purpose of this life? I mean it not in that overly philosophical sense that attempts to delve into the deeper meaning of Life. No. I mean if we are all going to pass into non-existence ultimately, then why strive so hard to achieve success. Why can't we just sit back for a little while, take our beloved into our arms, make love through our eyes and words and then continue with our useless existence. Why haven't we learnt to put our crazy and brazen demands for success on hold for a bit.

Then there were the attacks on the Moscow trains last week too. By some Chechen female suicide bombers. All in the name of the supreme cause of Islam. (I don't intend to defame any particular religion.) God supposedly looks down upon His children. With love and affection. He takes care of them. If that is so, then why do we have to defend his existence with our own? Why does a kid from some obscure part of the Russian Federation, or some remote village in Pakistan or Afghanistan, or a small town in Ireland have to put down his books and pick up a gun? Is God so feeble that He needs the help of such despicable and dastardly deeds to defend His existence and furnish us with proof of His divine existence.

And then there are the cases of child molestation in Europe by clergymen. Well..... Pretty appalling to me. I mean these are the people who serve God. Their acts are representative of the will of God. They are meant to act as medium between us mortals and The Great Father. Surely not a post meant for such lowlifes. Oh sure the Pope apologized etcetera. But what's done is done. Tis a funny world.

You may be wondering what does my cellphone and Draconian have to do with these two or three incidents. Well, Draconian is a "Satanic-Gothic-Depressive Metal" band. They talk of the futility of this pathetic existence. The heartlessness of God. The despondence of the believers. One stanza from "Heaven Laid In Tears" stands out beautifully.

"I've seen us bathing in blood to defend his very glory.
I've seen us kneel and praise for nothing.
I've seen him dying in our eyes.
I've realized that God owes us his life."

It is supposedly said by Lucifer coaxing others to join Him against God, but the implied meaning is not hard to see.

Thus, in this one week, I didn't have Draconian with me to say all these things unto me, but the deeds of God's Defendants were a more than able substitute for that.

Lets see what God has in store for us now.


  1. Ahh!
    That is some thinking friend!
    And I tend to agree on the facts!

  2. And the views? Do you not agree with them?