Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The First Battle Of This Year

For the past 2 weeks, the Sun has been beating down mercilessly on the streets and alleys of Bombay. Unwavering in its intensity. Burning us. Cooking us. Nowhere are we safe from this beast. Nothing we do can keep its heat at bay for long. His assault is relentless and horribly strong. Every morning I wake up to find him looking into my room trying to pry open the dark corners and spaces. I HATE him!!!! He has no right peering into other people's rooms.

The powerful, fiery, feisty ball of fusing hydrogen..... Often lovers are quoted to swear by the constancy of the Sun. To bask in its warmth is the idyllic dream of every troubled soul in literature. The heat of that orb is supposedly desired by all those who are ailing and diseased. He is all seeing, powerful and mighty. His might is unchallenged. Life would not exist without him.

"Too much power corrupts all", they say. The crooked Sun is no exception. I have no doubt that once he was a humble courtier of God. God took a liking to him and granted him the power of sustaining Life. And that was the power that corrupted him. He thinks of himself as above everyone else. Look at the way he stares at us weaklings. Burning us in his fiery fury. Skin scorches. Heads swim. Many lose their life. So that which he was to sustain, he takes away in a "flash". And he continues to smile sadistically down at us. "Hahaha!!!! Weaklings!!! Do what you can, you can't escape!!!", he leers. And we submit to his fiery rage. We succumb to his fire and heat. We lose and put our heads down.

But wait.... What is that I see? A dark cloud? Is it?!!! Yes indeed!!! Tis said that all dark clouds were made by Satan to block the rays of the Sun and to be subversive against God's kingdom. Has Lucifer come to grant us salvation from the unjust justice prevailing in God's kingdom? Have His armies finally arrived? Are we saved? Must we greet our saviour and prepare to overthrow the tyrannic God? Will there finally be true justice? Will our true worth be realized after eons of writhing in God's realm?

Lo and behold!!! A large mass of dark cloud had gathered across the sky as I watched. Twas but 1730 hrs. Not time yet for sunset (Ahh!!! What a truly beautiful and serene time that is!!! Finally the tyrant rests for the night!!!), so this indeed was a good sign. The armies of Lucifer gathered up in the Heavens above. Battle was imminent. The first charge came from His army. His general, Abbadon, having risen from his pit led the first charge unto the Enemy. It was repelled. And one after the other Astaroth, Samael (who finally cast aside our doubts about his loyalty) and the others came up and led the armies of Lucifer into battle against God's most trusted General, the Sun.

The battle was fierce, but the Sun triumphed. But it was a narrow victory. Very nearly did His armies deal a deathly blow to God's favourite. The battle will serve both purposes. It will embolden the "Rebels" and strike fear and doubt in the hearts of God's forces. After the battle Sun looked worn and tired. Almost tamed. No longer was he sneering at us. No longer was there a killing touch to his heat. He seemed almost mortal. Tame. He retired slightly earlier than usual.

Tomorrow he will come with renewed vigor and rage two-fold that of his usual. But we will have hope from now on. For if the summer has come, can the dark clouds of rain be too far behind?

HAIL LUCIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well written! :)
    Looking forward to more and more posts!

  2. Hilarious!
    Nice write my friend!
    Keep writing and let it flow!