Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Dark Side Of Light

Well... My first blog.... I won't waste much time about what an experience this can be, and what I expect from it, and what my life has been thus far.... Nada.... That's utter bullshit according to me.... But yes, my "dear readers" are indeed entitled to know two things:

What made litter cyberspace with my "thoughts"?
2. What the eff is the meaning of the title of my blog?

Well, firstly, this was a long time coming. But the final blow came on Thursday... or was it Friday... whatever... on either of these two days... A friend of mine on Orkut egged me on to do this... So, all those who feel sick after reading my blogs and posts, he's to blame.... Not me.... :P.... But yeah, it'd have come on anyways.....

And the title.... "The Dark Side Of Light"... You see, I've always been obsessed with Darkness..... always.... So, when the thought of having my own blog first germinated in my otherwise barren, for lack of a better word, mind, the obvious choice was something related to Darkness. But then where the fuck did "Light" creep in. Well, dear reader, you have someone else to blame for that (interesting how swiftly I get myself off the guillotine every time, isn't it? ;) :D). So, that person responsible for getting "Light" into the picture is my best half, Ms. Smriti Prabhat. But well, if you say anything to her, you'd get me offended real bad. And I've been led to believe that is not very favourable for the other party. Anyways, she "hates it" when I call myself dark et al. So, as a saving grace I added "Light". (But yes, I've had my way with the URL. "iamthelightbearer"..... That makes me Lucifer.... Muhuhahaha!!!!! Sorry love, just couldn't resist the temptation.... Sorry princess...) And besides, its awfully eye-catching, isn't it? "The Dark Side Of Light".... Ohh!!!! Wonder what THAT is?!!! :P :D :D....

I know I tripe and drivel a lot, but so do we all.... :P... Me the most, quite obviously.... But yeah, the bright side is that I don't find time enough to some online and litter cyberspace with my "thoughts"...... So folks, that'll be all for the moment.... See ya around next time... Brace yourselves....



  1. Reminds me of my first blog... :) welcome man..and hope you love this cyber diary of yours..enjoy..

  2. Hello there.. Great to see you blogging! Good that someone wheedled you into beginning this! Nice job here, but I'm waiting for even better posts!

  3. I am glad you started off with it. Good luck :)

  4. great start.....
    im waiting for the darkness to engulf the light.....

  5. Anupama, sorry, THAT'S not gonna happen.... They'll compete for space.... Some battles will be won by Light... Most by the Darkness.... But outright victory can never be....

  6. Hello there,
    So, finally you are here!
    Welcome sir.
    Hope you are as much happy to be here as I am happy to see you here.